CMC Community Stories

Ana – CMC Client

It was autumn when Ana came to CMC with an aggressive, late stage cancer that required difficult surgeries and chemotherapy. Our weekly acupuncture treatments and herbs gave her relief for her extreme pain, fatigue, and nausea.

Spring came. Ana’s doctor advised her to put her affairs in order. She gave away nearly all of her belongings, including clothes. As the weeks passed, something surprising happened. Ana began feeling better and better. Autumn came again and the weather turned cold. She really missed those sweaters she’d given away. Then at the thrift store where she’d donated her belongings, she saw her favorite sweater on the rack. What joy she felt in buying it back!

Ana says the sweater symbolizes her journey back to hope and life. To this day, she is stable. She credits her turnaround to faith, hope, family, and CMC. The acupuncture, herbs, social services, and sense of community Ana finds at CMC continue to enhance the quality of her life and provide relief.  All of us at CMC are all deeply grateful she can enjoy her life and is still with us.