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The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic (CMC), founded in 1991, is a state licensed free health clinic and the only organization in the nation devoted solely to providing free complementary integrative medicine to low-income women with cancer.

These treatments – acupuncture, herbs, massage therapy, guided imagery – work in alongside conventional treatments and are powerful tools in managing the disabling side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Although they dramatically ease pain, nausea, and fatigue, they are rarely covered by public or private insurance. Those who cannot pay for them out of pocket are therefore excluded from the benefits offered by these treatments.
CMC provides care for over 800 women in the San Francisco Bay Area with cancer. All CMC clients have incomes of 200% or less of Federal Poverty guidelines. More than 70% are women of color and face increased risk of mortality even when diagnosed at earlier stages of cancer. More than half of all CMC clients are living with advanced cancers. They face an uncertain future and contend with aggressive chemotherapy treatments that dramatically reduce quality of life.

Lack of access to health care also increases the incidence of poorly managed conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and mental health concerns. In short, CMC provides care for some of our community’s most vulnerable and underserved members.

Today, CMC has over 400 highly skilled CIM practitioners and is a national model for successful recruitment, training, and retention of volunteers who provide all treatments and services at no cost to clients. Because English is not the first language for 40% of our clients, CMC has developed an on-site Volunteer Interpreter Program and all client education materials are provided in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

indigogo-emailAfter you get your first donation, you will get this email from Generosity: (click thumbnail to see larger version)

“We’d like to know where to send the money, so please take a moment to add or edit your bank account details by taking the following steps:

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Please note that if you are raising money for someone else (a recipient), we ask that you provide the recipient’s bank account so we can ensure that the funds are going to them.”

IMPORTANT:  To set up Payment Details so your donations get deposited to CMC’s bank account, you will need:

  • Name on Account: Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic
  • CMC Bank Account and Routing Numbers: Call our Office Manager to get our checking account number and bank routing number: (510) 601-7660 ext. 230
  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo
  • Account Address: 610 16th Street, Suite 426, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Your Phone: (510) 601-7660 ext 230

Just call us if you want any help setting up your page!

Put on your own fundraiser!

There are as many ways to fundraise as there are ideas. Here are some fundraisers that our donors are working on right now:

  • Wine and cheese tasting house party
  • Gratitude themed breakfast
  • Sponsor a 50 mile personal trek
  • Spin-a-thon at a local health club
  • Video game tournament

We are here to help you make your ideas come to life. Just send an email or call CMC’s Executive Director, yvonne charles:  (510) 601-7660.  She and the CMC staff can help you create a fun event for your friends and family.

Here are examples of fundraisers created by our wonderful supporters:

Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Lisa, one of CMC’s volunteer practitioners, put this fundraiser together all on her own. It all started with her friend who wanted to donate lots of pearl jewelry for a good cause. So Lisa put up beautiful displays in her private practice offices, then designed, printed and mailed out postcards to her friends and network of contacts. CMC helped promote the 2 day event on Facebook and website, and distributed the postcards to CMC volunteers and donors. Lisa raised over $2,000!


Female Vocalist Extravaganza

Judy, one of CMC’s long time supporters, is a musician. She came up with the idea to ask her musician friends to form the Charlotte Maxwell Jazz Band. Then she asked several incredibly talented women vocalists to sing their favorite songs. She got a friend to design a postcard, got them printed and had CMC and her friends distribute them to local businesses. We helped promote the event on Facebook, our website and in the local press. She rented a local venue, designed and printed a program and got more of her friends to donate baked goods to sell during intermission. The music is so good that everyone gets up and dances. This benefit concert is now an annual event and raises over $5,000!

Charlotte Maxwell Collection

Cheryl is a local jewelry artisan and owner of Bellacarisma Jewelry & Design.  She has created a collection for CMC that includes a necklace, earrings and bracelet. All pieces in the collection feature a sterling silver clover design, emeralds and amethysts to represent healing and renewal. She sells the collection on her website, Etsy store and at trunk shows. Cheryl donates $10 for every CMC Collection piece sold!