Our Clinic

How To Become a CMC Client

CMC clients come to us from a variety of sources:

  • Directly from other agencies via a faxed CMC Referral Form. Most commonly, we receive these forms from patient navigators at Carol Ann Read Breast Health Center; Alameda Health System; Shanti Project; San Francisco General Hospital; Alta Bates Summit Medical Center; Kaiser.
  • Directly from another agency via informal phone call.
  • Indirectly from an agency or clinic that tells their client about our services and they call with interest.
  • Word of mouth from volunteers, community members, other clients.

Once we have received the referral information, a member of our staff will conduct a quick phone intake with the potential client to determine eligibility. There are two criteria to be eligible for services at CMC:

  1. Cancer diagnosis and treatment within the last 12 months: There needs to be a cancer diagnosis and/or active treatment for cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) within the last 12 months.
  2. Income level: The current gross household income needs to be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the year.

If found eligible, the client will be scheduled for an in-person orientation session and asked to bring a list of her current medications and the names/phone numbers of all her doctors. At the orientation, she will learn about all the free CMC treatments and services available to her and we will schedule her for her first treatment. CMC provides compassionate, integrative cancer care and social services to underserved women and anyone who identifies as a woman.

Our Clinic

Located in the downtown City Center area of Oakland, CMC is on the 4th floor of the historic Pacific Building, at the corner of 16th and Jefferson Streets. The building entrance is on 16th Street. Type 426 on the outside intercom to enter through the ramped entrance. Once inside please dial 426 on the keypad next to the entry doors. A ramped access entrance with intercom is to the left of the main building entrance. Enter the lobby and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Turn left out of the elevator. We are the first door on the right.

Public Transportation

The nearest BART stop is the 12th Street Oakland City Center.  The number 11, 12, 40, 51A, 58L, 72, 314 & 851 bus lines run on Broadway and near the 12th Street BART.


There is metered street parking all around and affordable parking open lots and garages within 1-2 blocks.

Dear Charlotte Maxwell,

Last week I called with the news of my three years of being cancer free. I called to thank you but that didn’t seem enough. I want to take the time to write and tell you how much Charlotte Maxwell has helped me. 

When I found out I had ovarian cancer I felt like my world stopped. I was very lucky to have a great doctor and I am so glad Charlotte Maxwell was there with your service such as acupuncture, massage therapy, guided imagery as I am a low income woman. All the treatments gave me the spirit to fight my cancer and gave me hope of survival. 

I would like to tell you how each therapy was helpful. Guided imagery helped me with the hours of chemo and late at night when fear was all around me. I would use my imagery and the fear left. Acupuncture let me sleep in peace with the pain leaving me for a few hours without having to take pills that made me nauseas. The massage therapy gave me body touch when loved ones had a fear of touching me for fear of hurting me when I had cancer. The social services staff have helped me with home care, financial assistance and helped to find me a new home after my breakup. This being the worst time of my life, I would come in and cry and they would offer support that I believe saved my life. 

Holistic health care helped me get through treatments, fight the pain and nausea, fatigue, and enhance the immune system. I am still coming to Charlotte Maxwell and I get treatments for body pain and immune system. This is something that I will live with for the rest of my life. I love talking to the other women about their cancer and I try to give them hope that so many other women give both during treatments and now. The free vegetables and food have been a great help. To end, I will never know how to say thank you to all the volunteers and staff who take the time away from their lives to help all of us.

With eternal gratefulness,