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RiDE Oakland

This October, RiDE Oakland raised $4,700 for CMC with their Community RiDE event! Every month, they offer a 50 minute indoor-cycling class every Friday at 12 noon that is free to riders with an optional donation to their chosen local charity of the month.

The two women who created RiDE Oakland know that if exercise is something we are supposed to do most days, it needs to be fun. Really fun. But it also needs to be challenging, body-changing, mind-changing, and a good bang for your buck. They feel they have achieved this at RiDE Oakland by offering an affordable, fun, intense full body indoor-cycling workout in an inviting, motivating, and friendly environment. Whether you come to improve your cardio fitness, build strength, torch calories, de-stress, meet people, or just get away to have an hour to yourself, you will leave very sweaty, happy, and ready for your next challenge.

RiDE Oakland offers cycling classes for all fitness levels. Whether you are an indoor-cycling newbie or an experienced outdoor cyclist, they guarantee you will get an awesome workout. In a 50 minute class, you will burn 400-800 calories, strengthen your legs, arms and core, your heart will be getting its own workout, and your mind will re- focus and re-charge. And, they promise it will be FUN!