CMC Community Stories

The Cancer League

The Cancer League, one of CMC’s generous supporters, is a charitable nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  Since their inception in 1973, they have raised and donated over $3 million toward the fight against cancer, with over $1million raised in the last five years alone. Their mission is to raise funds for accredited non-profit organizations dedicated to the fight against cancer that focus on research, early detection, education and patient care.

Cancer is an incredibly emotional disease that stirs up feelings of fear, grief, depression and uncertainty.  As with any illness, it helps knowing there are other individuals who have coped with the disease themselves and who can provide the emotional, medical, or even financial support that cancer victims desperately need.  The Cancer League’s work takes on a special significance given that each of their members has coped with cancer either personally, within her family, or in her circle of friends.

The Cancer League always seeks to partner with cancer professionals, researchers and other community members on the quest to find a cure for this devastating disease.