Forms and Handouts

Learning While Volunteering

“It’s been my privilege to volunteer as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master for the past three years. When I retired from my previous career as a corporate communications professional, I started my Healing Touch and Reiki practice, with the goal of dividing my work hours equally between providing my clients with free and fee-based treatments.  Since I volunteer every week at CMC, the clinic has played a wonderful role in helping me meet the volunteer part of that goal, and it has also given me experience that allows me to focus my private practice on working with cancer patients. 

More importantly, volunteering at CMC has given me the opportunity to be of service and work closely with women from many different cultures.  When I first starting volunteering there, I was very timid and insecure about treating clients who did not speak English.  Even with CMC’s wonderful interpreters, I was concerned because I couldn’t read their tone of voice or body language, so wasn’t sure I was asking the right questions or if the clients’ experiences were what I hoped they would be. 

What I soon realized was that it didn’t really matter if we could speak verbally to each other or not…energy work has its own language, and I soon found ways to communicate questions and understand their needs intuitively.  Moreover, I began learning to understand tone of voice and body language of clients of many different nationalities, a very special gift that I cherish since the Bay Area is home is to such a diverse range of cultures.

I look forward to making weekly visits to CMC for many years to come!”  -Michele, CMC Volunteer

Volunteers Understand

“I have been a volunteer at CMC since 1994, with a little break when my kids were young until after 2004 when my husband was diagnosed with and successfully treated for colon cancer. We had health insurance that provided him access to the best surgeons and oncologists as well as an acupuncturist and nutritional care for the duration of his 8 months of treatment. 

Despite all this, it was the scariest time of my life and his. It was during this time that I realized how important CMC is for our community of medically underserved women. Cancer diagnosis and treatment are physically, emotionally and spiritually grueling. 

If I can make this journey a little easier for our clients then every hour I spend at the clinic is worthwhile. Everyone needs and deserves the support we provide our clients.“  -Karen, CMC Volunteer