Volunteer Education

CMC’s mission includes a deep commitment to education

We are a California Acupuncture Board Continuing Education Provider​ and hold ongoing training courses throughout the year for all our volunteers. Here are examples of some of our courses:

CMC Volunteer Training

  • Overview of cancer
  • What is the role of integrative medicine?
  • About our clients with Client Panel
  • Modalities overview with Volunteer Panel
  • How to prepare for your shift
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Universal precautions
  • Scheduling your shift
  • 9 CEUs

Cultural Humility​

  • What is Cultural Humility?
  • Learning the value of critical self-reflection
  • Acknowledge that cultural awareness is a life-long journey
  • Learn to recognize and change power imbalances
  • Recognize complexity in our language
  • 3 CEUs

Grief and Loss

  • What experience do people present have with grief
  • Grief beyond just people who die (grieving lack of function/role/dreams, etc.)
  • Understanding grief (symptoms)
  • Supporting families, patients and volunteers
  • 2 CEUs

Western Overview of Cancer

  • What is cancer?
  • What causes cancer?
  • How is cancer diagnosed?
  • How cancer treated by biomedicine?
  • What is the role of integrative medicine in cancer treatment?
  • 2 CEUs

Biology of Cancer (Introduction)

  • What is cancer?
  • Cancer mechanisms, incidence, mortality
  • How is cancer diagnosed?
  • Overview of cancer staging and grading
  • Most common cancers
  • Conventional cancer treatments and common side effects
  • 2 CEUs

Biology of Cancer (Intermediate)

  • Etiology of cancer
  • Progression and biology of uncontrolled cellular growth
  • Differential diagnosis and clinical presentation by cancer type
  • Conventional cancer treatments and common side effects
  • Latest research and clinical trials
  • Psychological effects of cancer
  • 2 CEUs

Basic Chemotherapy

  • Common chemotherapy drugs and how they are administered
  • Types of side effects and expected life challenges
  • Impact of chemotherapy on the immune system
  • Understand the theory behind using acupuncture, herbs, supplements and other aspects of integrative medicine in conjunction with a client’s western cancer treatment
  • 3 CEUs

Advanced Chemotherapy and Herb Interactions

  • Overview of integrative medicine and cancer care
  • Chinese medicine protocols (acupuncture and Chinese herbs) for use prior, during and post chemotherapy
  • How to develop an integrative medicine treatment plan
  • How to look up potential interactions between chemotherapy drugs and all herbs using the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
  • How to ensure safety when using Chinese herbs during conventional cancer treatment
  • 8 CEUs

Introduction to Lymphedema

  • What is lymphedema?
  • What is the lymphatic system and what causes lymphedema?
  • Overview of conventional cancer treatments that can cause lymphedema
  • Complementary integrative medicine and how it supports lymphedema
  • How to avoid lymphedema, injury and infection​
  • Overview of compression garments and how to wear them
  • Self care techniques
  • 3 CEUs

Bodywork and Cancer

  • Learning the benefits of bodywork for women with cancer
  • What you need to know to be a successful practitioner
  • What are some of the side effects of Western Treatments?
    How can integrative medicine can support the immune system
  • Learn some acupressure points for nausea, pain and stress
  • What cautions need to be taken when Lymph Nodes are removed
  • Listening to your client
  • 8 CEUs

Culturally Appropriate Diet

  • Includes a hands-on Cooking Class
  • Skills to understand which foods clients have access to and how to support them in achieving their health goals
  • Common recipes that are affordable and commonly consumed by many cultures of our community
  • Abundant recipes, handouts, and directions to affordable and nutritious food and herbs in the area
  • 5 CEUs