CMC Community Stories

Alameda Health System

Highland Hospital, flagship of the Alameda Health System (AHS), has served the health care needs of the East Bay since 1864 and referred low-income women with cancer to CMC for over 20 years. AHS is committed to promoting wellness and providing top-quality health care to a growing and diverse community.

The AHS Cancer Services navigators are healthcare professionals whose mission is to make the emotional and physical trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis more bearable. AHS Patient Navigators refer all patients who have received a breast cancer diagnosis to CMC for assessment and an individually tailored care plan of complementary integrative treatments.

“CMC’s approach to advanced and metastatic cancer is extremely proactive and comprehensive. They spend significant time with each client, thoroughly assessing medical, social, and financial needs to promote the best possible outcome for these vulnerable women. Patients with considerable fear, distress or hopelessness receive the knowledge and guidance they need to understand the ways that chemotherapy and complementary medicines can work together to reduce suffering and promote extended survival. CMC is a vital partner in our Alameda County patient navigation network and a valuable resource for our patient navigation team.”                   Ellen Rinehart, Program Administrator