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Allen Temple Holistic Health Fair

On Saturday, August 15th, CMC was honored to be part of the Allen Temple 38th Annual Holistic Health Fair. Our fabulous CMC volunteer massage therapists provided free chair massages.

“The Allen Temple Baptist Church Health Education Committee hosted their 38th Annual Health Fair in collaboration with over ninety community organizations. For the past several years the economic crisis has caused individuals from all over the country to lose their jobs, health care insurance and homes. East Oakland has been especially impacted by the economic downturn. Subsequently, individuals living in East Oakland suffer disproportionally from diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension. To increase early detection and screening of these preventable health conditions, the theme for this year’s event is “Good News People – Our Health Matters!.” The goals of the Health Fair are to provide free health screenings, educate and empower the community with positive health maintenance attitudes, behaviors and ways to decrease stress as well as healthy ways to restore emotional balance. Moreover, our goal is to provide health fair participants with spiritual tools and activities to maintain a healthy body from birth to beyond. We invite you to participate in this thirty-eight year tradition of celebrating health and healing.”