CMC Community Stories

Giving Comfort

“Fight cancer with comfort” is Giving Comfort’s mission. McKesson employee volunteers create Comfort Kits, packed with high-quality comfort items that are most needed and requested by patients undergoing treatment: a soft blanket, warm socks, soothing tea, moisturizer, lip balm, a sleeping cap, and much more. They generously donate these Kits to CMC and we use them as our “welcome to CMC” gift for every new client.

Giving Comfort knows that cancer is harsh, physically, emotionally and financially. The treatments itch, burn, make you exhausted and sick, and many patients can’t afford the simple things that help make it bearable.

The McKesson Foundation works with hospitals, care facilities and service organizations that support low-income cancer patients to ensure that these Comfort Kits gets to someone who needs it, right when they need it the most.