CMC Community Stories

Susan – CMC Volunteer

“When I learned of the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic and its mission, I knew that someday I wanted to volunteer for this amazing organization when my life and schedule allowed. That opportunity finally presented itself and I became a driver for CMC, providing rides to clients to get them to their treatments.

Through CMC’s informative and comprehensive orientation, I was made aware of the necessary sensitivity to our clients’ varied needs, experiences, and circumstances as I picked up, escorted, and drove clients to and from their homes and the clinic in Oakland.

What I have discovered and experienced in my first year of driving has been nothing short of wonderful, and for myself, therapeutic. When appropriate, driving time has allowed for engaging and poignant exchanges with many of my passengers. Our conversations have touched upon the philosophical, the spiritual, and the practical.

I am a beneficiary of the wisdom and equanimity of these wonderful women. I feel a special bond form with every client I drive. The stories they choose to share touch my heart and leave me humbled. A sense of mutual gratitude seems to permeate our farewells as I return each client back home.  Many thanks to the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for its therapeutic service to underserved women. I am thankful to be able to play my role.”