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Why It’s Critical to Detox After Chemo

This is probably THE most important article you can possibly read if you’ve had chemo so please take the time to read this critical information and share it with those who are currently going through chemotherapy.

Here are the side effects that you can expect after receiving chemo and how to help reduce those effects with a detox plan.

“Chemotherapy Side Effects:Why It’s Critical to Detox After Chemo” Article Summary

  • Chemo drugs are highly toxic. Some of the common side effects which remain for years or even a lifetime following chemotherapy include: brain fog, muscle weakness, neuropathy, loss of energy, malabsorption of nutrients, mood swings, and lack of appetite.
  • Detoxifying the body from the toxic accumulation of chemicals it has been burdened with during chemo is essential to recovery afterwards.
  • Chemo drugs create a broad array of health problems. Unfortunately, the modern treatment for each symptom is another dose of drugs − each with more side effects to be treated.
  • Using the following therapeutic strategies will aid in removing chemo drugs from your body, improve your lymphatic system, improve your digestion, and restore your body’s ability to regulate hormones:
    • Juicing
    • Practicing stress reduction techniques
    • Supplementing with nutritional powders
    • Making lifestyle changes